$5 off KAMsnaps Offer

January 08, 2018

The KAMsnaps KX8J complete fastener system does everything that the table press can do but in a portable, handheld version: plastic snaps, open-ring metal snaps, fashion spring metal snaps, utility spring metal snaps, rivets, grommets (and maybe more in the future).

Through January only, we're offering a $5 KAMsnaps gift card to anybody who 1) has purchased these pliers (or the previous KX6A model) from us at any time in February, AND 2) leaves a product review for them on our store site.

To take advantage of this offer after you have purchased the pliers:
1. leave a product review here: bit.ly/2D8ncFo
2. email us with your order #. (If you can't find your order #, include shipping details so I can look it up.)

NOTE: when purchasing these pliers, please read the complete product description to understand which dies are included and which are not.

NOTE 2: these are *not* the same as the basic K1 or K2 pliers, which are lightweight, small, and can only install plastic snaps.

Buy the pliers only or complete starter kits here.


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