Group Buy: Combo Press Details (Ended)

April 28, 2018



There will be a limited number of combo professional press bundles offered in May at a 25% discount (coupon required).

** By participating in this group buy, you agree to all terms listed below.

Order details:

  • A fixed number of bundles will be made available for this group buy.  Once that is sold out, we will check our stock levels, make any necessary edits to the specific items to be included, and then open up another round the following week. 
  • Availability is limited.  We hope that everybody who is interested gets a chance to purchase, but understand that that may not happen.
  • A new order link will be provided for each round. That means if the 1st round sells out, that order link will no longer be valid.  The 2nd round will have a new link, and so forth.
  • Expect a 2-week lead time before your order ships Shipping labels will be printed in advance but your order may not actually ship for 2 weeks.
  •  You are free to purchase other items with your group buy.  Once placed, your order cannot be changed or cancelled, even if it hasn't shipped.
  • It is your responsibility to read the entire product description before ordering.
  • Updates on the group buy, such as new order links, will be posted in our Facebook group.  Turn on group notifications if you don't want to miss any possible updates.

Product details:

  • Bundles may change with each offering.  Please carefully read the product description for each offering to understand what you are purchasing.
  • Shipping is free in US.  Click here for international shipping discounts.
  • Round 2 Group Buy: [link removed]. Use coupon [removed] for $48.60 off (25% off the base bundle, without optional add-ons).

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