May 07, 2018

Key fob wristlets are one of the most addictive things you can make. They're super easy (even no-sew) and you can use different materials to make them, including scrap fabric. Plus, they're so pretty and make great gifts.

You can probably find a key fob tutorial or video for any kind of fabric you have on hand, they're that versatile. Here are a few:

Embroidered Key Fobs on Vinyl
Digital Pattern available at Embroidery Garden
Embroidered Key Fob Wristlets by Embroidery Garden


Ribbon & Webbing Key Fobs
(Use glue for no-sew)
Tutorial available at Mom 4 Real


No-Sew Key Fob Made with Scrap Fabric
Tutorial available at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

We have some key fob hardware in both 1" and 1.25" at now. Find the hardware here.  Clamping dies for your KAM table press or professional handheld are also available here.

Key Fob Hardware for Wristlets by KAMsnaps

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