Snap Blockers for Cloth Diapers

May 10, 2018

Most people love the snaps on their baby cloth diapers.  What they may not like so much is the guesswork that is sometimes required when putting baby in the diaper.  Which snaps on the diaper should be snapped to give the perfect fit?

Cloth Diaper with KAM Snaps

(Photo by Christa J)

This is where "snap blockers" come in. A snap blocker is an extra piece of snap that covers the unused snaps on the diapers.

So to cover those unused females / sockets on the diapers, you would snap on some male / stud pieces, as shown below.

Snap Blockers KAMsnaps


Vice versa, if you have unused males/studs on the diaper you want to cover, just snap some female/socket pieces onto them.

No tool is required for the "snap blockers".  They are simply loose pieces of females/sockets and males/studs.  Individual females and males are available here (select the part from the drop-down menu.)

Most diapers use size 20 plastic snaps and are compatible with our KAM-brand snaps.  Our snaps snap firmly and securely in place so you don't have to worry about the pieces coming loose.  KAM plastic snaps are also CPSIA-compliant for lead and phthalate content in children's clothing.

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