March 02, 2018

The most popular applications for KAM snap fasteners are for baby cloth diapers and children's clothing. However, let's talk about what these no-sew button fasteners can do for baby mamas too!


During and after my pregnancies, I found it impossible to fit into my jeans or any pants that didn't have a generous elastic waist band. Like many moms, I started to exclusively wear yoga lounge pants because they were just so comfortable and easy on my ever-expanding belly. With the help of an ingenious adjustable snap belt that can be added to your belt loop from, however, I can start rocking my jeans again. 

For those do-it-yourself-ers, Laura B. from has an easy tutorial on how to make your own belt cincher, made of course with snap fasteners!


Now that we've got the bottom covered, let's work our way to the top! Makemybellyfit offers jacket extenders that widen the opening of your coat to keep your belly bump warm. Additionally, the extender also adjusts with the help of plastic snaps to wrap around your baby carrier and keep your baby warm too! This invention was designed with great thoughtfulness in keeping both mom and baby comfortable before and after your little one is born.

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Breastfeeding can be one of the greatest gifts we give our children, but it can also be a lot of work with making sure you have all the right supplies from nursing pads, bras, tops, creams, pumps, and so on. Finding the right nursing top and bra can be stressful when you've already got a million and one things to get done as a busy mom. Save time and money by easily converting your existing tanks and bras into nursing tops with the help of KAM snap fasteners

Annie from  MontanaSolarCreations has an easy DIY to convert a regular tank or bra into a nursing top with the help of KAM no-sew button snaps. Interfacing or stabilizer may be needed, depending on your fabric.

Convert tank bra to nursing maternity top with KAM no-sew button fasteners snaps




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