February 08, 2018

If the aplix on your gDiaper diapers is getting old and worn out or your toddler has learned to undo the velcro, use KAM plastic snaps to easily convert the cloth diaper to a snap closure. KAM button snaps will last much longer than other fasteners and will help save your sanity as their stronger grip keeps busy little hands from tearing off their nappies and running diaper-less around the house. 


gDiaper Snap Conversion

Tutorial below provided by Janell

First you need to remove all the velcro from your gDiapers. Two flaps for the snap-in liner will come off as well, so keep those in a safe spot. 



Now that the velcro is off,  you need to sew down the corners that were originally stitched down with the same thread as the velcro, and sew on the tabs for the plastic liner. 

I am using white thread, because I plan to dye these and therefore the white stitching won't show. If you plan to keep your gPant the same color, you may want to buy thread that matches it.

Once everything is stitched down, you need to make your marks. Measuring is very crucial here. If you don't measure correctly, your snaps will not line up.

I started 1/2" from the edge, which is right where the folded section ends. I then placed them every inch thereafter. They are all placed exactly in the center of the waistband.

Now you need to begin applying snaps. You can see pieces sticking through the pant. I am holding the piece so you can see what it looks like.

On this gPant, I am doing it on the reverse side of where the velcro was. I wanted to try out something different, so I made a pair with the snaps in different spots to see what I like the best.

Snaps are NOT EASY TO REMOVE unless you have a snap removal tool, so be sure you are putting them on the correct side before you place them.

Once the snaps are in place, you need to press them to secure them with your  pliers to the fabric. 

Here is my gPant.

Remember, yours will look reversed because mine are on backwards. Pay special attention to where your velcro was and place the connecting ends of the snap where the velcro was placed.

I put 5 snaps per side on my first set, and my baby is too big for that, so my second set has just 4 snaps per side. 4 snaps per side, spaced 1 inch apart is pretty much in line to where the gDiaper velcro was placed. If doing 4 snaps per side, you would need 16 snaps per gPant. You get 100 with your pliers so you can do 6 pairs with your kamsnaps.com plier starter kit.

Here are the two pairs I did.

The pair on the Left is my altered pair. The band goes inside instead of outside like a traditional gPant. The pair on the Right is the pair I did exactly how gPants are worn. I did place snaps in the center, but there is no way that would fit. If it did, the baby would need to go a size down on gDiapers.

Side View

On the baby (I don't think I feed her enough).

I just snap the first snap, then roll her over to do the rest.

 She was so happy to have on a new diaper, she couldn't stay still!

gDiaper Snap Conversion - Video

Tutorial below provided by Jan

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