Which Dies Do I Need?

February 06, 2018

You'll need dies that 1) fit your tool, and 2) correspond to your specific snaps, rivets or grommets.

This video provides a simple way to determine what you need:

Written Guide:

Just follow these 3 easy steps to find the right dies:

1. You'll first need to know which KAM tool you have.   Click here to look it up if you're not sure.

2. Then from the top Main Menu, find the specific plastic snap, metal snap, grommet or rivet you want to work with. 

3. In the product description for the fastener, click on the Required Tools tab.  It provides the links to the exact dies needed to install that fastener.  Here's an example:


  Optional: Leave a note in the Order Notes box at checkout requesting that your order be reviewed for completeness.  We'll contact you if anything appears to be missing or if your tools aren't compatible with your fasteners.

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