How to Install Magnetic Snap Rivets & the Tools Needed

Don't have any tools yet? Purchase the complete magnetic snap rivet press & dies with all the tools needed already included. (Snaps sold separately.)

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Required Tools:

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    • Note: the male magnetic snap piece has a protruding nub in the center, while the female snap has a recessed center.
      • The male (protruding) snap is installed using the die with the recessed center.
      • The female (recessed) snap in installed using the die with the protruding center.
    • Screw in the smallest die to the top of the press.
    • Place the bottom die with the recessedcenter in the press.
    • Pierce hole in fabric where rivet will go.
    • Place the stem of the male magnetic snap piece through the hole. The male piece has a protrudingnub in the center.
    • Snap the rivet cap over stem. You should hear a clicking sound.
    • Center rivet in dies.
    • Flatten with press.
    • Repeat for the other side, using the bottom die with the protruding center & the female magnetic snap piece.

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