I'm a Newbie & So Confused!

March 01, 2020

Using a press isn't complicated, but it can seem overwhelming to figure out what you need if you're new to it all.

Keep it stress-free by emailing us at sales@kamsnap.com if you'd like us to customize a package for you.

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Want to understand it on your own? We'll walk you through it so you feel like an expert.


Step 1. Choose Your Press
1. DK93 heavy duty table press - the most efficient and industrial press

2. KX-T2 pro-standup - a small, lightweight mini table press

3. KX8J pro-handheld - an affordable, handheld version

Still not sure? Click here for full comparison.


Step 1a. Add Adapter if Needed
  • An adapter is *not* needed for the KX-T2 mini table press or KX8J pro-handheld.

  • An adapter is needed only for DK93 heavy duty table press when using dies with KX in the name (ie. KX Dies for Rivets, KX Dies for Grommets, etc)

    • The adapter makes the bottom hole in the press smaller so that the KX die can fit. Without the adapter, the hole will be too big to hold the die.

    • Here's a super quick video that clarifies how to use the adapter.

    • Only 1 adapter is needed per press. The same DK93-KX adapter will work with all our KX dies.

    • The adapter is *not* needed for DK93 professional-grade plastic snaps dies. Remember, it's only needed for dies with KX in the name.
Step 2:  Add your Fasteners
  • Add the fasteners that you want to work with from the top menu.

  • Quick tips for our most popular fasteners:

Step 3:  Add Corresponding Dies
  • Add the dies that correspond to your fasteners.
    • Size 20 plastic snaps need dies for size 20 plastic snaps .
    • 8mm rivets need dies for 8mm rivets, and so forth.
    • Generally speaking, each fastener needs a different die set. And each size needs a different die set.


(Optional) Step 4:  Add Recommended Items
  • Steps 1, 2 and 3 will get you everything you need to set your fasteners. But we also have recommended products that will make the job easier.  For example:

    • A hand awl pierces holes in your material for easier snap or rivet placement.

    • If working with stiff material like vinyl or leather, hole punching dies will make it easier to create those holes for snaps, rivets, and grommets
    • Dies to remove plastic snaps will allow you to safely and quickly remove problem plastic snaps.

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