KAM DK93 vs KAM DK98 Press

July 03, 2017




We have offered 2 press models, the DK98 and the DK93, for a number of years. Having sold thousands of both presses, we've been able to gather a lot of input from our customers regarding the two, and as a result, decided to discontinue selling the DK98 in our store.  Here's why:

Both press models perform the exact same function, so stocking both is mostly redundant. Discontinuing one model would open up a lot more space and resources for us to carry additional products that would not be redundant.

So why keep the DK93 over the DK98? What are the differences between the 2 models?

1. The DK93 has over triple the clearance for fabric compared to the DK98. If you want to install a snap very far from the edge of your fabric, you're more likely to be able to do so with the DK93. In other words, the DK93 allows greater flexibility for your snap placement.

2. Some dies are made only to fit the DK93. That means the DK93 has more versatility in function.**

3. There are more off-brand dies that fit the DK93 compared to the DK98. So even if we don't carry a certain die, you're more likely to find it from another seller for the DK93. **

4. The upper die in the DK98 press is held in place with a tiny screw that requires an allen wrench to screw in and out.  Not only is the allen wrench cumbersome to use, but the tiny screw in the press can get stripped. Furthermore, both the allen wrench and screw are 2 additional parts which can get misplaced or lost due to their small size.  The dies in the DK93 directly screw into the press with minimal fuss and no extra tools required.**

5. The DK93 is lighter weight and more compact, which not only makes it easier to handle but also means shipping costs are minimized, which in turn translates into a more affordable price. Saving money makes everybody happy :)

6. The DK93 is already by far the more popular model.  Click here to view the KAM DK93 options.


** If you already own the DK98 press, we now offer a DK98-KX adapter set so that you can use any of our dies labeled KX.  This removable adapter set will make the bottom hole in your  DK98 press smaller so that it will fit our KX dies.  It will also convert the top hole in your press to accept a screw-in die.  With this adapter set, your  DK98 press can use our "KX" dies, including rivets, grommets, cover buttons, no-change plastic snaps, snap removal, and more.

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