How to Install Grommets & the Tools Needed

    Required Tools:

    Don't have any tools yet? Purchase a complete grommet bundle with all the tools needed already included.

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    Also Recommended:

    • Something to cut a hole through your fabric for grommet placement:



    • Place grommet dies in press.
    • Make a hole in fabric big enough for the grommet stem to slip through.
    • If using pro-handheld or pro-standup press:
      • Place eyelet through hole.
      • Place flat washer over eyelet stem.
      • Center grommet in dies, making sure the hole sits over the nub of the bottom die.
    • If using table press:
      • Place eyelet over bottom die.
      • Slip hole in fabric over the eyelet stem.
      • Place flat washer over eyelet stem.
    • Flatten with press.


    Quick Video showing both handheld & table press:

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