Quick Guide: What Tools Do I Need?

January 17, 2021

Follow these 2 easy steps to get started.


1.  Choose a Press

If you're not sure which tool to get, click here for full comparison to help you decide.

  • If you already have a KAMsnaps press but aren't sure what model it is, you can look it up here.


2. Choose the Dies.  Click on One of the Links Below for a Line-By-Line List of What You Need
Our presses, attachments and fasteners are custom fitted to work together and may not be compatible with products from other sources.

We always double check press orders for accuracy and completeness before processing, so we'll email you if your order doesn't look quite right. As long as you have the press and the fasteners in your cart, we can make sure you have the appropriate dies.


I Want to Work With:




Still confused or want to start with more than 1 fastener?  Email sales@kamsnap.com and answer the following 3 questions so we can personalize a package for you.

Being as specific as possible will minimize our guesswork and better ensure you get the most appropriate sizes.  Requesting "snaps, rivets and grommets" without more details makes it very difficult for us to determine what sizes you need.

  • What fasteners you want to use from the above list.
    • If metal snaps, please specify what style (magnetic snaps, open ring, pearl, utility, or fashion).
    • If you know the size, please specify.

  • If you don't know the size of fasteners, indicate the projects & fabric the fasteners are intended for.
    Ex: snaps for vinyl key fobs, rivets for leather purse straps
  • Which press you prefer.
    Ex: heavy duty table press, mini-table press, pro-handheld




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